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Alden TV Cruiser (Bluesline Disk)

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
An amazing tribute to the custom made guitars Tony Zemaitis made famous in the 1970’s by such players as Ron Wood, Keith Richards,  Marc Bolan and George Harrison. Whereas a true vintage Zemaitis will set you back a sum in the high five figures, you can have this nice Chinese knockoff for a street price of around $500. Even the new Zemaitis reissues made in Japan cost a hefty chunk of change, so here is you chance to have a unique looking guitar for a fraction of what the real thing costs.
Sporting a body style that looks like the bastard offspring of a Telecaster and a Les Paul, the ZE Cruiser (sometimes denoted as the Disk or Bluesline Disk), the body is slightly thinner than a standard Tele at just under 2 inches. The outstanding feature of this guitar is the disc-shaped etched aluminum pickguard that sports three beefy humbuckers.
Unlike three humbucker equipped Gibsons, the ZE Cruiser has a unique switching system that has a master volume on the upper bout (where a three way switch would be on a Les Paul) and a five way switch on the pickguard not unlike a Strat. This allows the player to get some really cool and skronky blues tones that aren’t Strat-like but are useful nonetheless. Three convenient but oddly placed tone control knobs work each pickup effectively. The pickups themselves are crisp and lend a slightly darker SG-like tone to the guitar. The neck is fast and comfy and the medium-jumbo frets are nicely set in and finished. Bending notes in the higher registers is a breeze.
The hardware seems to be the higher-end generic Chinese variety, If you want to geek out, you can switch this stuff out, but it all appears solid. The tuners seem to be a Grover knockoff. The other beautiful appointments on this guitar are the astoundingly beautiful pearloid neck binding and the stunning abalone inlay on the rosewood fretboard and large headstock.

Alden also makes other Zemaitis knockoffs such as a pearl.abalone topped LP-styled entry and others that are of a more original design. Upon a close-up comparison to a real Zemaitis one can notice differences – this is not an exact replica, but pretty darn close. Whether you want to recreate the vibe of the Faces in 1972 or just want a unique guitar, the Alden ZE Cruiser just might be what is need to achieve you sonic and esthetic goals.


  1. February 4, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Me likey…..any idea where in the Northeast I can find one?

  2. February 8, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Here ya go:

    30th St. Guitars
    New york, NY 10001

    Barnstorm Music
    Medway, MA 02053
    Tel: 508 533-9833

    Crosroads Music
    Hanover, MA 02339
    Tel: 617 826-1619

    Crossroads Music
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
    Tel: 856 874-9400

    Ear Craft Music
    Dover, NH 03820
    Tel: 603 749-3138

    Island Music
    Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
    Tel: 508 693-8596

    Mister Music
    Boston, MA 02134
    Tel: 617 783-1609

    Music Toyz
    Falmouth, ME 04105
    Music Toyz.com

    Portland Percussion
    Portland, ME 04103
    Tel: 207 775-2230

    Thunderbolt Music
    Plymouth, MA 02360
    Tel: 508 269-6420

    Alden Guitar USA, Inc. 221 Main St. Plympton, MA 02367 USA info@aldenguitarsales.com 781-588-9282

  3. richey88
    February 8, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Cool, Cherry Hill is close…..he doesn’t have one, but raves about it and says he can order one…I hate to buy sight unseen but maybe will give it a whirl depending on how nice the Uncle is this year. Thanks Mike!

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