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Waterstone WWAS

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Long a fan of “different” body styles, I have lusted for a Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar, only to be held back by the cost. Out of production for years, these beauties were far out of my range. Even with the reissue Jaguar of the late 90’s, Fender held the costs too high, merely to have those 6 letters on the headstock.

I was introduced to the Waterstone Guitar company, as were most, by the amazing 12 string basses played by Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. These basses (to be reviewed soon) were moderately priced for such a specialty instrument, and were of  top quality. After my current band began playing a bit, I was in need of a backup guitar and the old longing for an Jaguar style guitar came around again. To my delight, Waterstone had just such a beast- the WWAS.

These guitars feature a bolt-on neck on a solid basswood body, and get this- Sparkle finishes. I picked up a Blue Sparkle model and was immediately in love with the deep growl that was easily attained through my trusty 12 year old Sovtek Mig 50.

Tuning was a slight issue out of the box, but after a nice set-up, this guitar became my top choice for almost a year- every show we played in support of our second release, Revolutions. ( had to get that plug in…) A couple of drawbacks- no hardshell case, and it can be a bit heavy after an hour or so, but can’t they all?

At a price that is hard to beat- I recommend these to anyone wanting that classic surf look, with a great 2 humbucker sound.( I hear it has a great clean tone, too… but I have not much need for that.)
Available in Blue Sparkle, Red Sparkle and Green Sparkle… ( I have a blue and a red- you should never break up siblings, you know…)

$279.95 + 25 shipping.

6string summary:

  1. January 25, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    LOVE Waterstones…My WWAS is a steal at less than 3 hundred bucks…I’d have paid twice that and still felt it was a great deal…Amazing sound and look..What more could a guitar player want?

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