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SX SJM-57 H PBU Stop Tail

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Ok. First of all- just look at it…really….

Now look at it again. If you are like me, a guitar like this turns your head, regardless of the price tag, regardless of the construction. You just want to look at it.

Then you want to play it. I bought this SX SJM-57 online from Rondo Music, never having heard one, based solely on the look. Granted, the pricetag made that easier…(that and the fact that I only had 2 kids back then.) The price- $139.95. Now read that again- $139.95.

I have to tell you , I did not expect a lot for that price. Certainly not a solid Alder body, sleek Maple neck, and great action- straight out of the shipping box. Like a lot of  “affordable” instruments, this required a pro set-up to maintain a tuning for longer than a song, but after said set-up- not a problem.

The two humbuckers sound pretty darn good, too. It is not a Jaguar, or even the afore-mentioned Waterstone WWAS, but it could certainly be the little sister that tries hard.

The tone is just as you would expect, twangy and rich. Perfect for the garage-style tunes that my band likes to feature. For a rhythm guitarist like me, the action is good, and it stands up to my rhythmic beatings. A bonus for me- the size. I am a tall guy, and most guitars look like a ukelele when I hold them. Not the SX SJM-57. WIth the added tail- this one measures in at close to 40 inches long… SX , by the way, is a Spanish company- but these guitars are born in China or Korea. Certain models come from either country. I would bet these are Chinese….

So again- I tell you- look at this:

Now look at the price again: $139.95

These also come with a tremolo for those of you who can wank with style… For us rhythm schlubs- the stop tailpiece is perfect… and-
well..just look at it.

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