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SX is the Chinese brand primarily associated with Rondo Music in the USA and other distributors worldwide. Most of the basses on offer at Rondo bear the SX name. Unlike the Korean-made Agile brand, the SX brand is a little more bare-bones as far as appointments and in the overall “wow” factor. Still the SX brand fields several great instruments and their basses are especially playable. As well as offering several variations on Jazz and P-basses, SX offers the SJBM, an interesting take on the Fender Jaguar bass.

Differing from the Fender inspiration, the SJBM has a 70’s Jazz bass pickup configuration. The body is three piece alder and comes with a heavily tinted slimline modern Jazz-styled neck with large fake pearl block inlays. Tuners are nice and not dissimilar to budget line Fenders. The frets on the review model were nicely finished with no jagged edges which can often be the bane of Chinese guitars.

As good as the neck is there are some problems with the body. Nothing that should preclude you from pulling the trigger and bringing one of these home to add to your bass arsenal. The first problem is the pickguard is cut in a manner that does not fit squarely with the neck pocket and it leaves the neck pickup a little less than square with the neck and strings. Minor problems but they can be annoying if you like tidy right angles.

Also the bridge is the standard issue Chinese bass bridge and I have a personal grudge against these. For a little bit of money you can get a nice high mass bridge from Guitar Fetish that will solve the problems brought on by this flimsy bridge and as a bonus solve the problem of the SJBM being a bit neck heavy.

This bass is not going to replace your favorite Fender but it is a fantastic bass for a new visual flavor or as a first bass or a backup. I took it out and played a whole gig with it and it acquitted itself quite nicely. Also with all SX basses, it can be easily tricked up into a mega bass. The SJBM has a huge rout under the pickguard for virtually any pickup configuration you can imagine. At $149, the SJBM is well worth it and at that price it’s easy to turn a blind eye to some minor flaws.

$149 rondomusic.com

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