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Waterstone GLH acoustic

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Much like in the world of electrics, there is a certain snobbery that runs rampant amongst acoustic guitar aficionados. Taylor, Martin, etc…. I have to admit- these guitars are beautiful top-notch guitars. But to have a quality instrument that sounds good and will help you forward your playing- you do not have to mortgage your home….

The playability, action and sound projection are of utmost importance in an acoustic…not the brand name. Guitars are not meant to be investments- they are meant to be played. plain and simple.

For 10 years, my acoustic guitar of choice was a Takamine. I earned a lot of money with my mid-level Tak, but early in the last decade, I had the opportunity to acquire a Waterstone GLH acoustic. The GLH proves my point about not needing a brand name.

When it arrived, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the appearance and construction. Featuring a spruce top, with beautiful mother of pearl and abalone inlays on both front and back- this instrument was way more than I could have expected for the price. One problem with the GLH is that it lacks built in electronics. (Waterstone has produced a GLH EQ model which contained electronics, however I have not had the opportunity to play one. yet.)

The instrument plays great. No problem with tuning, the action is nice, and sound projection is great for a standard dreadnaught style body. I played one exclusively for a full year of weekly acoustic cover gigs, with literally hundreds of compliments for the beautiful guitar… (now if they only tipped me instead…) I have also picked up a 12 string model of the GLH and I am beyond thrilled with it- straight out of the shipping box. Full review coming soon on that guitar.

No complaints on this instrument other than the lack of electronics. There is no reason we should not see an army of country musicians embrace this hometown guitar, in the same way that Takamine grabbed them in the last decade….The guitar is still available- $249.95.

EDIT*** The 12 string acoustics have been discontinued, but are still available at …. get this… $124.95

6stringdeals.com review:

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