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Laguna LG4CEBUB Acoustic

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In an earlier review I mentioned that I, for many years, played a mid-level Takamine at my weekly acoustic gigs. I played it solely for the sound of the instrument when plugged in. THe sound of the guitar in it’s natural state did not matter at all.

One unfortunate bar fight (I was not involved- just close enough that contact was made)at my regular gig, left my Takamine with three deep cracks in very inconvenient spots on the guitar top- definitely not conducive to the best sound. That guitar’s already high action took on another 1/8 inch in height in the altercation…

Long story short, the bar patrons, to whom I will forever be grateful, took up a collection and arranged for this guitar to become mine.

The Laguna guitar company is based in California, where all their guitars are designed with exotic woods. The company has a definite green slant-For each guitar they sell, they plant a tree or something like that….you can read about that on their webpage.

Anyway- the guitars are designed in California and manufactured in Korea and China. The LG4CE is the top level acoustic in their line.

With a body constructed of tropical Bubinga wood, this guitar is not only beautiful, it produces a nice mellow tone that compliments most any accompaniment, or stands alone well. The built-in electronics are good, with high, mid, and low equailization and I have become quite spoiled by the built-in tuner.

Another good thing about this guitar- it was designed to be a quality acoustic guitar- not just an acoustic-electric. It sounds great when not being amplified.

One note- I have noticed that a 9-volt dies rather quickly in this guitar- 2 maybe 3 gigs lifespan at best…

The action on the instrument was superb- straight out of the shipping container, and believe it or not, it was actually in tune when I opened it.

With many affordable acoustics there is a tendency for the guitar to fall out of tune quickly, due to cheap tuners. Not so with the Laguna model. The tuners are of top-quality, and compliment the aesthetics of the guitar quite well.

I have been playing this guitar for about 9 months now, on a weekly basis- 3-4 hours at a time- no issues, other than going through some batteries. I did, however, have to shell out extra cash for a case….

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