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Waterstone Carnaby

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Waterstone has been featured on this page twice- for good reason.

The company makes high-quality instruments with a sense of style that harkens back to the mod era of London in the 60’s.

The Carnaby, modeled after the ES 335, and named after the Center of the Mod World, Carnaby Street, is another great example. Featuring a full size Hollow body,this arch top, set neck guitar delivers the classic sounds of the aforementioned Gibson for a fraction of the cost.

Featuring a pair of P-90’s, the sonic range easily swings from crisp , clean jazzy tones to dirty skronky rock. I have played it at live shows with high volume, and on recordings with the cleanest of settings and the response from the instrument is true in either setting.

The weight of the guitar is well-balanced, and once this guitar was set up by our guitar tech, tuning and action were just right.

As with many of the guitars we review, these guitars ship with a gig-bag and no hard-shell case. Luckily, with this body style being more common, a hard shell case is easily found.

One of my favorite aspects of this guitar is the finish. Like all of the Waterstone’s we have played, the finish is superb, and the specialty paint on this model speaks almost as clearly as the notes that come from it. For those of you not trying to draw more attention to yourself-it is available in black and cherry , as well.

For all you players looking for Gibson quality on a budget, like the Agile LP’s , this Waterstone Carnaby offers a more than suitable replacement for the 335’s playability.

Trust me on this. Email the manufacturer for availability and cost.

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