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Luna Athena Semi-Hollow Electric

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My local music store has recently started carrying the Luna brand of guitars and therefore some of my students own Luna acoustics and I have to say I am impressed so far. While the whole Luna line is not on display at the store, a glance at their website shows a wide variety of guitars with Tele and Strat influences and a host of others whose provenance is not so recognizable. One such guitar is the Athena which is a single cutaway compact, but full-sized guitar that is as beautiful as it is lightweight. The review instrument is a gorgeous flame maple on maple guitar with dual f-holes, crisp and sweet mini humbuckers and a very stylish trapeze tailpiece.

Although made in China, this is a well made machine with extraordinarily high quality control standards and design flourishes that set it apart from the import guitar market. Luna markets this guitar with a strong emphasis on its light weight, but for this reviewer it’s the beauty of the guitar and its artful appointments. It also helps that the Athena plays really well and has the feel of a boutique guitar costing five times the price.

The neck is slim and fast. Not too deep, but with enough heft to feel solid. The rosewood fretboard is expertly bound and the frets are nicely finished medium jumbos that lean more to jumbo. The most astounding and outstanding thing about the neck is the art-deco inlays. I have never seen an inlay design like the ones on the Athena and it immediately had me lusting for this guitar.

The other aesthetic features include brushed nickel hardware including the covers on the mini-humbuckers and on the stock Grover tuners. Other colors offered are black, white, sky blue and a very pale cream/yellow. There is even a 12 string model that I tried out and fell in love with, however it only comes in black at this point.

Though the Athena is in many ways unique, it also is an instant classic.

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