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Agile AL2000

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This is the baseline Agile single cutaway solid body electric with a serious nod to the much celebrated Gibson Les Paul. Made in Korea and with nice detail and a vast array of colors, the AL2000 is a great guitar for those who blanch at spending upwards of $2000 for a real Gibson Les Paul. For 10% of that price you can have a dang fine knockoff in your arsenal. And for that money it’s a great buy for a beginner or intermediate player as you may never outgrow it. Plenty of pros strap on an Agile AL2000 because they are well made, solid players and they deliver the sonic goods.

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The AL2000 has solid Mahogany arch top body and has a rather thin 1/16″ maple top which is usually of the plain top variety. I am especially fond of un-flamed maple so this is not an issue for me. They do offer birdseye, tiger eye and flame maple at no upcharge. The thin maple top does make for a slightly darker tone than an LP-styled guitar with a thicker piece of high grade maple.

The pickups are good quality Asian ceramic covered  humbuckers that are lively and crisp but lack the super fine detail of Alnicos or other upmarket pickups. At $199 for the whole guitar, you can easily afford some better pickups. The stock pickups are wax potted so they are nicely quiet.

The top of the body and the neck are bound in the LP style. The neck is a 2 piece Canadian maple with 22 jumbo frets and a 13.7″ radius. The review guitar (in a deep, lustrous tobacco sunburst!) played very vast and required but a string change and a little bridge tweaking to be good to go. The feel of the neck reminded me of a well made ’70’s Les Paul. Grovers are standard and all were smooth and silky. The other standard accoutrements are a three way pickup selecter, tune-o-matic bridge, pearloid inlays and color-coordinated bell knobs.

It would be a bold statement to say the AL2000 ranks right up with a well broken-in Les Paul, but it does indeed match up nicely to any new Epiphone LP’s or even the the entry-level Les Pauls in the Gibson line for considerably less layout of your hard-earned money. In fact, I have yet to play one that did not exceed the current crop of Epiphones found at the big box stores in both playability and cosmetic appeal. The only downside with any of the Agile line is that you cannot try and buy locally so you must order them online. Rondo Music does have a fair and liberal return policy and a long-revered good reputation to ease your mind about pulling the trigger on this delicious guitar.

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