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February 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I have mentioned before, I have bought many guitars based solely on their appearance. The Godin SD is no exception.

Looking like the child of a union of a Fender Strat and a Les Paul, the SD has an appearance all it’s own. The review model carried me through numerous years of gigging throughout the dives of North and South Carolina. Lightweight, with a shorter scale neck, it is a comfortable guitar to hold for 3.5 hour shows.

The maple neck makes for easy chord changes (not too much string bending going on for me, but they say it assists here.) The body is also maple, and comes with a whammy bar for those who like to wank. Two single coils and one humbucker give plenty of tonal choices. The humbucker in the bridge position gave ample growl, and the single coils provided just the right amount of twang when called for.

I did change out the stock tuners on mine, as there was a slight issue with slipping, and going out of tune. Once the new machines were in place- no problem.

The cost of the instrument was perfectly in line with my young budget-around $450.00 … Sadly I traded mine for another guitar that has long been forgotten. I would recommend this guitar to those who like the sound of a strat, but don’t have a strat budget.

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