Waterstone Sandman Guitar

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Jaguar, the Explorer, The Flying V, the Thunderbird, The Iceman…all have one thing in common. The shape, or rather the fact that their shape is unique unto themselves. I now have another guitar shape to add to that list of greats- the Sandman.

New in 2010 from Waterstone guitars, who brought us the WWAS as an alternate body style previously, the Sandman is modeled after the custom basses of Mark Sandman, the late lead man of Morphine fame.

With a contoured carving on the upper bout, and a modified lower bout, this guitar screams “look at me.” I posted an image of the guitar on another page for a week before this review, and comments ran the gamut- most in favor….and  I personally love the uniqueness of this guitar. One thing is sure- there will be no middle ground on this one, people will like the look or not- but if you are the one playing it- people will be looking at you.

How does it play? I literally opened the packing case, tuned it and began playing. The action was great, and like most GOOD  electric guitars, there was a nice sound BEFORE I plugged  in. Featuring a solid basswood body with a bolt-on neck, this is a well built instrument.

A really cool thing- I picked the guitar up three days after my first playing session – and it was still in tune. Still in tune. Gonna say that again- it was still in tune, and I have not had it set up yet.

click to zoom

Plugged in, well, it really shines. No issue getting the nice meaty tones I enjoy, and the clean sounds rank up there with my custom shop telecaster… The Lipstick humbuckers, in addition to just looking cool, are up to every challenge I threw at them. Granted, I am not a jazz player, but I think you would be okay there, too. One really great thing about the pickups- there is a 5 way switch  that when engaged at either end, turns the lipstick humbuckers on as a single coil in either the neck or bridge position…. this guitar just gets cooler.

Another cool thing? While not an elongated body shape like the Explorer, this guitar does fit well with my frame.

What would I change if I could- not much. I would like to see one with a maple neck, if only just to compare. All this guitar needs is a hard shell case…oh yeah- WAIT- it ships with one at no extra cost. And the cost is well within reach for most guitarists- 469.95 plus shipping.

In search of a unique guitar that brings the goods? Your money is safe on this one.

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