6Stringdeals.com Recap…Waterstone Guitars

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Waterstone holds a special place in the heart of this reviewer, as can be seen by the quantity of reviews held within these pages. They are all high quality, affordable guitars that are made with the musician in mind… and they just look cool

The Carnaby was the second of their guitars that I took ownership of…Set Neck, Hollow Body with grover tuners-two humbuckers…if you know the sound of a Gibson ES-335. you know the sound of this guitar. Easy to get the crunch, crisp squeaky cleans- all available in this guitar, with its two-way switch and separate volume and tone for each of the pickups.

The WWAS is a nod to the Fender Jazz Master or Jaguar and can be seen here: WWAS. I used this guitar exclusively for over a year- it sounds and plays that good, and you cannot beat the price.

The Bobby-O is Waterstone’s nod to the Les Paul body style, with a twist- it features a semi-hollow body. The story behind the guitar is equally cool.

I reviewed a brand new model last week- the Sandman- no need to rave more- I have already drooled about it : Sandman.

I have reviews coming beginning this week for many of the instruments not mentioned- namely the TP 12 string bass and the companion to the Sandman- the Sandman 4 string bassa sneak peak- I dig it at least as much as the 6 string version…

The reason for this post was simply to recap one of my favorite boutique guitar companies. I have several other Waterstone models that will eventually be reviewed here, and I invite other Waterstone players to share their experiences with these instruments on this page. Of all new brands that I have played, this one struck a nerve, with superb quality, style, attention to detail and price. The customer service is also topnotch.

I eagerly await new models from Waterstone (although, I will have to sell something to try something new….) I would love to see a 12 string bass in the shape of the new Sandmans….one can only dream…

Wednesday, we will be back to instrument reviews….

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