Eastwood Supro Dual Tone

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A small /locally-owned guitar shop in my are just signed on to become an official Eastwood dealer and I couldn’t be happier. Eastwood is a Canada-based company that imports from Asia reproductions of guitars quite often thought to be lost in the mists of time or guitars that were way ahead of their time and deserve a second look. They even have some original designs as well. So, on the day the new Eastwoods arrived I was there with bells on to play the 4 new models they had in stock.

The first is an actual official re-issue of the Supro Dual Tone. Supro’s were made in the US from 1958-68 by Valco and sold through Montgomery Ward. Valco also made guitars branded as National or Airline.

The Dual Tone has a single cutaway and a bolt on neck with two Valco VVDC pickups which stands for Vintage-Voiced Dual Coil. The pickups had a nice growl and some sweet chime when played thru a Laney 50 watt combo. With only 20 frets and a scale length of 24 3/4″, this is not a shredder guitar. This is a garage rock, power pop, blues retro rock machine. The review guitar was well balanced and felt like a much more expensive guitar than it looks. This is not a department store guitar any more. This baby is solid and toneful. The trapeze tailpiece and the Kluson styled tuners are a nice touch.

Eastwoods have a reputation of not being well set up from the factory and this guitar was fresh out of the box and needed the fret ends filed and the intonation set, but otherwise it handled beautifully. The frets are jumbos and the radius of the fingerboard is fairly flat but still comfy.

The Supro Dual Tone comes in black or white and can be fitted with a Bigsby for another $129.

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