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Alden Teardrop Guitar (Vox Brian Jones Style)

•2 single coil pickups with classic chrome flat metal surrounds
•3-way pickup selector switch
•Thick single-ply black pickguard (great quality!)
•Chrome high quality bridge with adjustable saddles for each string
•Vintage style Chrome Volume and Tone knobs with knurled sides
•4-Bolt Chrome neckplate
•Nicely finished rear control cavity cover
•Maple Neck with Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays
•High quality enclosed Fender Kluson in-line tuning keys -6 individual
•Alder or similar solid wood body, nicely routed with a
slight arched top as per original Vox models, and shallow rear belly cut
• Body finished in very nice vintage white color
•Headstock shaped in early vintage shape

Purchased in England and brought back to the States. Price paid 190 UK pounds new from Richtone Music. No gigbag or case, but well packed complete with truss rod wrench

There are/were other models available in the UK under the Aston brand name, but they did not retain/revive the real early VOX, Brian Jones body style as Alden have done.

For a small body guitar, it has a very nice balance when played with a strap. The curved sides of the body can present a little challenge when sitting to play, but that is a minor issue.

The neck and fretboard are very well made and very well finished. The frets are finished nicely on the edges, but not to the degree of the Waterstone brand for instance.

Sonics are very Strat-like with the 2 single coil pickups, but because they are positioned farther away from the neck pocket and bridge than on a Strat, the sonics are actually unique and without the bite/string articulation on a 3-pickup single coil electric guitar. Being single coil pickups, there are not any issues with shielding, noise and this is a testament to Alden and its research by real Guitar players into sourcing good quality pickups.

Played through an 18 watt Marshall clone and also through a reissue Fender Vibroverb, the sound is clean, articulate and “quality” in sound. Low end is fine, as is the treble range when soloing and strumming.

Overall thoughts….
Alden have truly captured the vibe of the original Brian Jones teardrop guitars. There are no concerns of “quality” like there were on the originals such as cheap knobs, tuners, etc. All have been updated and upgraded with good quality modern components for years of use.

This one is a keeper. Perhaps not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but an iconic design brought into the 21st Century with high quality and very affordable price tag.

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