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Eastwood Mandocaster

Are you looking for something to add a new and different texture to your music? Maybe you just need to get your “Battle of Evermore” or “Losing My Religion” on. Look no further than Eastwood’s 8 string Mandocaster.

The Mandocaster is a wee littleTelecaster shaped mandolin that is easy to play and since it is a solid body you can plug it into your JCM 800 stack and peel some paint off the walls at the local brewpub. Not only can you rock at obscene levels, you can also squeeze beautiful and natural mandolin tones out of the Mandocaster.

Equipped with two single coil pickups controlled by a Strat-like 3 way switch and a bolt-on neck, the Tele-shaped body looks and feels comfy and familiar. The intonation is exceptional for a relatively inexpensive mandolin because you can actually adjust it at the Telecaster-styled bridge.The neck feel and action are tip top as well.

A little bit more attention could have been paid to the fret ends, but that often happens during shipment. A quick and easy filing job should have you chucking along in no time. Just remember to study your mandolin chord book!

Thanks to Carrboro Music for allowing us to play and review their swell Eastwoods.


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