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Waterstone Indra 4 string bass

Yet another great instrument by the folks at Waterstone-the Indra bass. Designed with input from Tom Petersson, the Indra is a first rate entry in the semi-hollow, short scale bass market.

 For any bass player, tone is most likely the most prominent element of a great ba semi hoss. The Indra sports two humbucking pickups that generate deep, fat bass tones, or bright, cutting sounds with the turn of a knob. I prefer to use the neck pickup solo, with the tone knob rolled off about ninety percent. The Indra’s semi-hollow body resonates, while the center wood block cuts unnecessary feedback and gives the bass tone definition. It’s like having the best of both worlds (hollow body and solid body)!<

 The Indra is a blast to play. The short scale neck (30 in.) is fast, and has just the right about of girth to let you know you are playing a bass! It is not too thin, like some hollowbody basses, and is great for playing moving basslines. I sing and play a lot in my band, so the Indra is perfect in that I don’t have to look at my hands a lot to know where I am. The fret work on my two Indra basses is first rate, smooth and easy.

 The construction, look and finish of the Indra bass is very pleasing to the eye. Mine sports a trans pink finish that allows the pattern of the wood to come through. My Indra bass stays in tune and is one of the most commented on when I play it live. The bridge is solid and stable, while the tuners are of the same quality. I also have one in solid pink that is an eye-catcher as well. Waterstone offers many cool finishes for their basses.

 I string my Indra with flatwound strings, and get a very nice, warm vintage tone out of the bass. It works perfectly for playing 50s rock, and the Beatles come alive when I play McCartney-esque basslines on it. I own a good number of Waterstone basses, and I count the Indra among my favorites. This bass is highly recommended to record, play live, and practice with. It really can do it all. At under $500, it is a real bargain, and will enhance any bass collection. Or, if you are starting out, it is a great bass to learn on.

(reviewed by Rob Martinez – New Mexico. Learn more about Rob here: www.daddyosband.com)

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