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Waterstone Mildred 6 string Electric

The Mildred is one of the first 6 string electrics that Waterstone introduced in their line of well-made affordable hollowbody guitars.

Featuring a full- hollowbody, two humbuckers, and a Bigsby style tremolo, this guitar easily slides into any rock combo requiring that twangy hollowbody sound made famous by the likes of Billy Zoom and Brian Setzer. It is my understanding that Mr. Zoom owns one of these in addition to his fine Gretsch models.

The first model I received had a few issues with microphonic sounding pickups, but as I have owned numerous Waterstones, I knew this was an anomaly, and returned the guitar for an exchange. No issues after the new instrument arrived. Another example of the fine customer service I have come to appreciate with this company.

Another modification I made to this guitar was to replace the tuners, as these , perhaps because of the partnership between tremolo and tuner , had a few slippage problems. Once this rather inexpensive modification was made, the Mildred came to hold a nice place in my guitar lineup.

The finish is impeccable, with beautiful sparkle finishes, chrome pickup covers and knobs and a raised pick guard.


With any hollowbody electric there will be a few issues with squalling at high volume, and the Mildred is no exception, but with minor tweaks here and there, this guitar stands ready to add a new sonic quality to your playing.

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