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Trinity River- “Canada Acoustic”

You know by now, that I dig the way guitars look , and then the way they sound.

This guitar is no exception.

While visiting the lovely town of Port Dover, Ontario on a family vacation, I had the occasion to visit Hobo Java, the shop of Fred Eaglesmith several times- cool place, he sells used vinyl, coffee and stringed instruments. If you are not familliar with Fred Eaglesmith- I recommend getting that way- Fred Eaglesmith.

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Anyway- on these visits I admired the cool, cheap Canada guitar, wishing that I had an extra 150 bucks Canadian to make it mine. Lucky for me, although I did not have the cash, my brother-in-law, another guitar addict- did. Turns out he was coveting the same instrument. He also bought it. When he bought it, from Fred Eaglesmith himself, by the way, Fred said, ” The electronics are worth that,” and then signed the guitar…

For the past three years, I have played this guitar every chance I have- which is whenever I take my family to Michigan. For these three years, I have played a street performer festival using this guitar. Bold Statement time- I would play this guitar over any other acoustic/electric I own. The action is great, the thing has great projection, and – look at it- it has a Canadian Flag painted on it..

If the rest of Trinity River’s collection contains instruments priced and constructed the way this Canada guitar is, I highly recommend them to anyone, from beginner to professional.

I do think that the flag on it makes me long to be the Buck Owens of Canada, and this sways my opinion a bit, but I want one of these. bad…but only if it has the maple leaf…

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