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Eastwood Stormbird

Okay- we all know I am a sucker for a cool shape on a guitar… and I love a set neck/stop tailpiece design….

The Eastwood Stormbird is a based on the 1960’s non-reverse Firebird. The instrument comes with P-90 pickups, stop tail, tune-o-matic bridge and featuring a set maple neck design.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way….this guitar looks really cool. (One complaint- slight finish flaws on the guitar that should have been buffed at the manufacturer.) It is big, and obvious, a guitar that is played to be seen.

The pair of P-90s give it the tone you would expect from a gibson clone. Not quite a Gibson, but nice meaty sounds when asked for. Not much on the clean side, however I doubt many people will be pulling out a Stormbird to play jangle…not me anyway. But for a little dirtier rock, with a bit of gain, this guitar can bring the sound.

As with a lot of affordable instruments, the Stormbird is in desperate need  of a professional set-up in order to stay in tune for a set. The frets are also a bit rough out of the box, but again, these can be fixed with a good pro-set up and a bit of love.

My only wish is that quality control was a bit tighter on these instruments, as finish flaws are pretty inexcusable in today’s market. But for $399.00 this guitar is a great addition to your aresenal…just needs that little extra bit of care to get it there….

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