Waterstone Moon

Sporting a shape not unlike a crescent moon or a slice of watermelon The Waterstone Moon may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly a guitar that will make its owner stand out from the crowd of players wielding traditional rock machines.

The Moon is a full scale guitar and despite its low-mass body of basswood, yields a rich sonorous tone through it’s two humbucker pickups. Two volume and two tone controls arranged in a straight line under the three way switch takes a couple minutes to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it seems logical and well though out considering the body’s unique shape doesn’t lend itself to traditional placement of controls.

The set neck Moon also is fitted with a one piece “Badass” style wraparound bridge with adjustable saddles. Badass-style bridges allow for softer string tension allowing for a low action and ease of fingering. I had one on an old Les Paul Special and I love how the Badass allowed for perfect intonation and great feel. You could almost justify going up on your string gauge.

The neck is slim and comfy and easy to play. It’s well balanced and sits nicely right under this reviewer’s protruding gut. The frets were a trifle scratchy out of the box which is fairly typical of guitars out of China these days. Also my preference is for a bone, TUSQ or brass nut, so the stock plastic nut, though well crafted, would be quickly replaced if this guitar should find its way into my arsenal.

The sound of the guitar is mildly dark and growly with the supplied humbuckers but I would (as always) like to hear Asian guitars with better quality and wax-potted pickups. At the stage SPL’s I work at, the Moon was quiet as far as hum and noise but darned squeally in the feedback sweepstakes.

Also like a lot of Asian guitars, specifically Chinese guitars, some corner cutting happens in regards to hardware and electronics. The wires and pots seem of good quality but the tuners look to be of the cheaper variety. They seemed to function well, but I personally have issues of trust with anything other than name brand tuners.  I would wait until the supplied tuners failed before changing them. The input jack had to be gingerly repaired after a few playing sessions…. Since then it has not failed.

**editors note- model reviewed was a prototype model**

I played a TV date with this guitar and got lots of comments on it. My wife thinks a big goober like me looks silly with such a little guitar but I sure did dig the light weight of the blue colored Moon. A few months after I test drove the blue version I got to check out the acrylic version and it played and sounded similar but with WAY WAY more weight. Such is acrylic, but the clear Moon weighs more than a 70’s Les Paul. It sure does look outrageous.

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