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Waterstone Luther

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Waterstone Luther is a classic styled hollowbody 6 string electric. Featuring two soapbar humbuckers, a set neck and a squeal-managing depth of only 2.5 inches or so.

 This little guitar was played for the first time at a band gig, at full volume without the benefit of set up. To my surprise, it held its tune pretty well, considering its cheap chinese strings and recent life on a shipping container.

As has been made abundantly clear on this site, I am a fan of the alternative body style, and the Luther runs totally counter to that- cleaner lines cannot be found on an electric. In spite of this, the sheer beauty of this guitar made up for the lack of imagination.

The sound is nothing less than meaty, yet if you are a jazz player, I am sure it would suit that fine as well. The pickups do have balls, though, and that is a distinct plus to this writer.

I still need to take it on a ride involving a full gig, but it held its own during the 4 songs that it was test driven, proving itself worthy of a place in the guitar rack at our next show.

In trying to describe any drawbacks, I came up blank. A well-rounded (get it?) well made, solid ( well, not really…I kill myself) investment and addition to anyones guitar arsenal.


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