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Waterstone Moon 4 string Bass

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have reviewed the Waterstone Moon 6 string in the past, so we thought we should finally give equal time to the 4 string bass version.

Like the guitar version, the bass has instant WOW factor given it’s unique shape and phases of the Moon inlays. Unlike the guitar, this baby is great out of the box.

Bass guitars, in general, are just simpler than guitars. Stating nothing but the truth there…they are- less strings, less electronics, and yes, I know this is a generalization…. The Waterstone  music company, takes these simplifications and makes great bass guitars. This one fits right into the family.

Back to that shape- Its a moon…that is all you need to know.

Lacking the majority of the wood that makes up most instruments, also lightens the load. This bass is very comfortable to play for extended sets. The Bass humbuckers make up in sound what is lacking in weight- giving this player a wide range of tone.

AT first I did not like the appearance of the wide tuning keys, but after a bit, they grew on me…Why simplify the appearance of a bass shaped like a crescent moon with skimpy tuning keys? good call- Waterstone.

This bass is also available in acrylic, which I was able to see at Summer NAMM, and the cool factor is high with that version. So is the weight factor, but c’mon it is a clear bass shaped like a moon.

To step away from the appearance for a second, this instrument does pretty much everything you ask of it- wide range of tone, lightweight and cool.

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