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Waterstone Meaden

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Yet another Waterstone guitar…what can we say?

The Waterstone Meaden is a hollow body, set neck beauty reminiscent of  several late 50’s, early 60’s guitar designs.  Featuring triangle neck inlays, a thin lightweight body and finishes including Klein blue and maroon, the Meaden is designed to draw attention. And it succeeds well in this endeavor.

As far as sound, the Meaden pulls forth a bit more crunch through my trusty Sovtek Mig 50 than I expected. An interesting thing about this guitar is the sound you get when strumming it unplugged….With the single “f” hole, the guitar has a dirty tone even unplugged.

When playing on as clean a tone as the aforementioned amp will give me, the guitar delivers  the nice jangly sounds often associated with the Byrds, Tom Petty and the like. So- a nice range of sounds from this little ( well, it is not really little, but go with me)  beauty.

A few specs:

25.5 scale
1 5/8″ nut width
rosewood fretboard
 Paulownia body wood
 Pearl inlay on fretboard
 2 tone, 2 volume

A  point of contention ( minor)… As with a lot of Chinese manufactured guitars, the hardware could be better. In this case, the saddle and bridge were a bit subpar, but this can be easily remedied through replacement parts such as Guitar Fetish .

They are not unplayable, mind you, just not up the quality I expect. AND- it should not keep you from considering this guitar- could have simply been the Meaden, I played, however- it was worthy of a mention.

The price is great for the guitar you receive. In spite of the few issues with the bridge, this guitar would easily sell for twice this price if imprinted with certain other company logos.

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