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SX 5 string Banjo…. yes- banjo

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Okay, okay.. this neither has 6 strings nor 4 strings, depending on what link led you here. (But then again, neither did the twelve string guitars and basses we reviewed!) But I wanted to give this little guy a fair shake, as it was recently added to my collection of stringed instruments.

 For quite a while I had wanted to learn to play a banjo, but both time and money had stopped me from pursuing it any further than the “want” stage. After playing some of the guitars available from Rondo music, I was convinced of the quality of the SX brand of instruments. So I sucked it up and dropped the cash for this little beauty- the SX Country 5-String. Big spender, huh? you will see the answer to that in a minute….

I know nothing about banjos, other than the appearance, but I do know how valuable it is to have an instrument that will stay in tune when you are trying to learn. The SX Country 5 string has done that abundantly well.

Upon arrival, I pulled up an online banjo tuner , printed out some chord charts and was on my way. Not to get into the ins and outs of playing a banjo, but , man those chords are weird! ( There are 6 string banjos out there that tune like a guitar, but I went the other way…)

This banjo is well constructed, the frets are pretty smooth and the sound is pretty darned good, and not so loud as to have my wife throwing the banjo away as I struggle to learn.It does project well, do not get me wrong.

A few specs:
Body is Malapoga wood, an indonesian red wood that is actually quite stunning.
The head is a REMO banjo head….
D’Addario strings and decent tuners complete the package.
Ships with a bargain basement gig bag, but at least it had a bag. Not all SX instruments come with one, in my experience.

To sum up this limited review of the SX Country 5 String banjo: for a beginner like me on a budget, this was a great investment. Beautiful, solid construction and quality workmanship combine to allow this little back woods beauty for only $139.95…

If you have been thinking about it- this is a great way to dip the toe in the world of the banjo.

6stringdeals.com review:

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