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Knucklehead Guitar Strings.

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I play a lot of acoustic solo shows. 100+ last year.

I use my trustworthy Laguna for these, but 100 shows can mean a small fortune in strings. No one wants to keep old strings on, gig after gig, with that sound of muted rubber bands squawking. Not to mention the dreaded black/green fingertips that occur with most strings after a week or so. At the same time, the reason most of us play that quantity of acoutic shows is to make money, not spend more.

6stringdeals highlights affordable, quality instruments, so today, I wanted to mention something ultimately important to any stringed instrument-strings.

For several years, with the exception of  a short break due to numerous causes, I have used Knucklehead strings.

Great sound, but most importantly for my budget- long-lived great sound. I have tried more expensive, specialty strings, but these guys in the goofy packaging stand up to any ‘coostic cover gig, or ten. Sometimes more, depending on my level of laziness. I have pushed a set too far, but for the most part, these strings last longer than those black package strings that cost about 3x more.

The electric strings are pretty good, too. I recommend the short-bus, with extra High -E string.

And yes, I tried them first because of the packaging… Just like a guitar, looks are what make you want ’em first. Like  most of  the guitars we have reviewed, in addition to the appearance, the quality was there too.

The posted price is about $8.95 per set, but they have a good artist program, if you play a lot, etc, that brings the price down to under $6 a pack. A simple application process and a short wait will let you know if you qualify.

I will be reviewing another string company in the next few days….webstrings.com. The prices there are outstanding- I will let you know about the quality in a few.

More Guitar and Bass reviews soon…

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