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Waterstone Trilby

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A great thing about reviewing guitars is getting to review new models…..

The Waterstone Trilby is one such instrument. While attending Summer NAMM in Nashville this past July, I was introduced to this little single pick up beauty. While there, I watched numerous players pick this little guitar up and rip it, then requested a chance to review it when the production models arrived in Nashville. That day has finally arrived..

The Trilby is kind of an oddity, with a small body and full 25.5 inch scale. It is also deceivingly heavy, weighing in at about 8 pounds. But it is a very cool little oddity.

First thing- the appearance (which we have established, is what draws me to an instrument..) The Trilby has a cool scalloped body, calling to mind numerous guitars from the late 50’s, early 60’s.  The finish is stellar, as are most Waterstone’s.  My only complaint would be the pickguard, as I prefer a simple white or black….but that seems a bit petty, no? Overall this guitar has that distinct, “Look At Me!” factor that I seem to be drawn to.

It is also pretty thick- contributing to the weight ,and  in this player’s opinion, adding to the second thing we are gonna mention- a nice meaty tone.

The single humbucker gives a couple of choices in the tone department- meaty, or more meaty. Not a bad thing- works great for the kind of rock I love to play.

It is  cool to me that this very pretty guitar has such a devious sound- it is  kinda like a hot chick that drives a truck.

This is also the first Waterstone that we have reviewed to  feature a tremolo, which to this rhythm player is not important, but was really cool to my 7 year old son, and probably is to the Lead players out there reading this.

Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Waterstone Trilby for those of you looking for a pretty guitar that just flat out rocks. Like all 6stringdeals.com recommendations- it does not break the bank, either.

A nice little stunner with punch- the Trilby.

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