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Waterstone Voltaire

The Voltaire guitar from our friends at Waterstone is, obviously based on the classic design of the  Gibson Firebird.

Unlike the Firebird, this guitar features a price that fits the budget of any gigging musician… But more about the price in a few. First let’s take a look at this bolt-on beauty:

The review model came in a wonderful shade of green that most guitar manufacturers would shy away from- not Waterstone.

I received the guitar and played it the very next day at a pretty big gig with multiple bands. Instead of “Hellos”, I heard- “Wow, cool guitar.” Which is a great place to jump in…

This guitar is stunning. The finish is impeccable, as are all Waterstone’s we have played.

The Sound? Exactly as one would expect- the dirty was immediately accessible, and the clean had a bit of dirt on it…it’s not a telecaster, but if you want one of those- I’ll be happy to point you to one. This is a guitar made to grab attention and a place in the mix. The humbuckers make sure of the second, the construction and finish – the first.

The pickups had no issues, the tuners were tight and clean, and the frets had no rough edges, all things to look for on any guitar imported from China.

Okay- Now about that price: $649.95… beat that with a stick… well not really.

6stringdeals.com review:


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