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A quick conversation about the new Musicvox 12 string bass.

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Photo soon….

When did Musicvox start making the Space Cadet 12 string bass?

..Musicvox first produced the 12 string bass in 1999 & revealed it at the ’99 summer NAMM show. It was the first affordable factory production 12 string bass ever made. Previously 12 basses were special order from boutique USA manufacturers. It was designed by me with input from 12 bassists from Hawaii to Eastern Europe. Musicvox polled many pro bassists and got the following consensus….as many of their expensive 12 basses had failed over time due to construction issues or did not perform to their expectations….
Locking tuners
Twin double truss rods
Neck through body construction
Dual output jacks
Active and passive electronics
It was a hit from the start , factory production in 2000, 2001 by 2002.
Musicvox has been asked to bring it back so here it is. New production should arrive by early April. I am taking advanced reservation deposits on this limited special instrument. It will be available in bound body,neck & headstock Silver Sparkle, gold sparkle, red metallic, black, white , 3 tone sunburst and Seafoam green. Musicvoxwill be posting more on youtube & our FB pages. It is the only 12 bass being shown at NAMM this year and he most popular instrument for our NAMM visitors this year!
Thank you clay!!

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